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General election in Year 2.

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The videos are quite slow to load today, so please click on the one you would like to play, then click again and wait a minute for it to buffer. If you click play once more, it should work better.

Today we talked about what an election was. Some of us knew that there was going to be a general election in this country on May 6th, and that it was a chance for adults to decide on who should run our country.

Then we ran our own election in the class! It helped us all to understand what it was all about. This is what we did:

First of all we chose three party candidates who believed in different things. Here is what they believed in:

Party A thought that people should be able to make money for themselves and their families. It Allowed rich people to keep most of their money.

Party B thought that people who make plenty of money should give lots away to help others. They wanted to spend lots of money on schools and hospitals.

Party C thought that we should put lots of our money into making the world “greener” and less polluted. They thought that was the most important thing to sort out.

Next we all chose who we wanted to vote for. Iqra and Leo, our officers were very strict about how we voted. They threw away any that weren’t clear or had names written on them. We had to secretly put a cross underneath the party we had chosen and put our voting slips in a special box:

Next Iqra and Leo counted the votes. This is what they did:

After that, we talked about who we had voted for and tried to give reasons for our choices. Here are some of our reasons:

Who would you have voted for and why? In the end, Party B was elected in 2JS. Do you think they made the right choice?

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