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2JS class assembly

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Sorted out bugs with PPT so the kids could use it for live video projection. I tried many other options including really fun VJ software suggested here, but nothing was simple enough for my 7 year olds! Please check out the video (which is not very high quality, but will give you an idea.) The video projection is onto the Viking sail in the centre of the screen. Grace was the VJ.

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Really pleased with how my introduction to Voicethread went today. All children in my class registered and left comments: Look at the transformation!

They all know how to log into Voicethread now, and seemed excited about the idea. They especially enjoyed recording (surprise surprise…) and were keen to try webcam commenting. I have ordered a webcam for the classroom.

Our next project using Voicethread will be to develop a class assembly collaboratively online. Check it out here.

Contributions from outside the classroom are also welcome!

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