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Stuart Sutherland and John Sutton ran this discussion about the impact of blogging and other technology on parental engagement. The Ferry Lane blogs were showcased for their good practice, both for their innovative approaches to communication and the quality of work being produced. Click here for the article.

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I’ve been thinking about what a new primary ICT curriculum would look like if you started from scratch. What would you teach? How would you make the curriculum future-proof (or at least last a few years) whilst still remaining relevant to new developments?

Clearly APP would form the basis for the objectives, starting with the three strands already implemented in the KS3 documents:

  1. Planning, developing and evaluating
  2. Handling data, sequencing instructions and modelling
  3. Finding, using and communicating information

So what would your planning look like? Can people describe projects that they are working on which might sit easily into this sort of framework? For my contribution I would use the Jack and the Beanstalk project we have just completed in Year 2. In this project the children spent half a term researching and re-telling the story, designing 3d storyboards which they then photographed and assembled into a film along with their own voice-recordings, transitions and title music. The finished product, a short film was then evaluated and assessed against their initial brief. The whole project seems to sit well with the above strands of the APP assessment in KS3. Medium term planning to follow.

Can other readers of this blog suggest their own interesting projects which might be used by other teachers?

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