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Having had great success with our first SOICT unit (see this

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2JS class assembly

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Sorted out bugs with PPT so the kids could use it for live video projection. I tried many other options including really fun VJ software suggested here, but nothing was simple enough for my 7 year olds! Please check out the video (which is not very high quality, but will give you an idea.) The video projection is onto the Viking sail in the centre of the screen. Grace was the VJ.

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Non-chronological reports

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Working on using Publisher with Year 2 to produce non-chronological reports. Researching using the web, Flickr/Compfight for photo searching and books. Children are getting on really well and really enjoying the design aspect. I just wish we had access to a more child-friendly DTP program. Any ideas?
non-chron reports

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Video projection help needed

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I’m doing a class assembly in a couple of weeks. The kids want some video projection in the background – stormy seas, animals which feature in the assembly etc. Some of it will need sound, but some won’t. As this is the kids’ idea, I am keen that they should operate the computer and projection. How could we do this? I’ve tried embedding video into Powerpoint which would be familiar and easy to make, but it is really unstable – not pre-buffering means it crashes and loses sound etc.

What else could they use? It needs to be possible to repeat the video to sync it with the live action, and I don’t want to see taskbars or anything (it should be full screen all of the time). It also needs to be PC based.

Please help!

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